Seat of Wisdom Homeschool Co-op, Inc.

Let them be born unto wonder...

Our Story

Seat of Wisdom Homeschool Cooperative, Inc., was formed in the summer of 2016 as a Kentucky non-profit corporation by three homeschooling moms who wished to provide a faith-based, Catholic community for our children. After hearing from other homeschooling families and considering our own motivations, we decided upon a program that:
  • provides an encouraging, Catholic community for both children and adults
  • is independent of any particular curriculum, publisher, or outside group
  • keeps costs at a minimum, with volunteer teachers and minimal books to buy
  • welcomes ideas and feedback in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration
  • fosters a spirit of reverence and awe toward the Holy Trinity and God's creation
  • Strives to provide an environment of mutual respect, kindness, and Christian virtue
  • Relies on a board of directors rather than individual leadership (allowing us to share responsibilities and establish a means of continuity for the group)

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of the three founding moms for the Co-Op:
* Carlye Thacker
   Winchester, KY
* Shelia Hunt
   Lexington, KY
* Christopher Thacker
   Winchester, KY